Featuring For Brandon T Jackson at Rooster T Feathers April 9- April 12
Had a great night at my debut comedy record recording. Incredible night. THANKS to everyone that came out to support my record recording show. It was a SOLD OUT house at Doc's Lab. The audience was INSANE! Just incredible. And I have it all on tape and in the can. 45 min of audio AND video. Thanks to Tony Sparks, Emily Epstein-White, Chad Opitz, and Zack Chapaloni for the wonderful and inspiring sets. Thanks to Michael Dylan Casey, Kurt Weitzmann and Michael Capozzola for recording the show and being so professional. And HUGE THANKS to Jeff Zamaria for having me at the Lab, for being SF's comedy cornerstone and for just being one hell of a great guy. And of course the biggest wettest kiss to my friends, family and fans that made it out. Now I have to get to editing and getting this lil comedy cd out there. #‎ShapedLikeAThumb

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