Paco Romane, is an award-winning comedian, filmmaker (voted “Best Comedian” in the San Francisco Weekly and San Francisco Bay Guardian), actor, voice over actor, director, writer, musician, and producer.

Paco just appeared in Comedy Central's "Drunk History San Francisco"!

He was also recently interviewed by NPR affiliate KQED for an article called "Paco Romane Edges Closer To a Comedic Breakthrough". They sat down to discuss Paco's comedy and experience as an actor and his show The Romane Event Comedy Show.

Recently he was invited to talk about comedy and sketch comedy with the Producers of SF Sketchfest on Michael Krasny’s Forum on NPR and was given the rare opportunity to perform live on the air with Killing My Lobster the Bay Area's premier sketch comedy group.

Paco is a long time company member of Killing My Lobster, the Bay Area’s premier Sketch Comedy group. He uses his work with Killing My Lobster to create routines and characters that are inventive, funny, spontaneous, and utterly unique. The SF Haight-Ashbury Beat said "Paco Romane is a genius when it comes to developing characters."

He has performed in many films, plays, sketch comedy shows, podcasts and commercials and can be seen in the recent national IBM commercial “Driverless” and heard doing the Voice Over for a national VISA commercial.

Paco also has a big following online, where his viral videos have racked up millions of views and garnered national spotlight. He recently wrote, directed, produced and co-starred in "Handle Yo' Balls", a comedy video about early detection of cancer for the cancer organization Fuck Cancer in conjunction with Funny or Die. "Handle Yo Balls" was featured in The Huffington Post.

Bookers have called Romane, “a favorite with crowds because he brings energy, improv and great observations into his act and he is one of the most engaging comedians in America!” NPR recently called Paco Romane “an up-and-coming” comedian and NBC Bay Area said, “7 years of success have kept Paco Romane at the top of the Bay Area comedy scene.”

In a recent interview for DigitalJournal SF Sketchfest producer, Cole Stranton remarked, "Much like Paco, the festival is a mash up of all things funny -- sketch, stand-up, improv, you name it. We're thrilled to include Paco's cool stand-up show, 'The Romane Event' in the festival this year for the first time, and to shed some light on Paco's stand-up, which is really strong,"

Paco also produces, and hosts The Romane Event Comedy Show. After 8 years it is one of the longest running and most beloved comedy shows in Northern California. It has long been a "must see" and "must perform in" comedy show for audiences and comedians. And on the 7th anniversary of the show, the SF Weekly applauded: “Seven years later, The Romane Event still gives local funny people the microphone each month, a stay that is unheard of in the San Francisco comedy scene and an achievement in the general nightlife community as well.” Paco has brought the best in indie comedy to San Francisco in an “anything goes and probably will” environment. This monthly show, at The Make-Out Room in San Francisco’s Mission District has also garnered many great reviews (for too many to list completely) but here are a few: NPR called it "highly recommended", The Onion declared it "hilarious", and The SF Bay Guardian raved, "Host with the most Paco Romane really knows how to deliver the laughs.”

Paco is a great improv/sketch comedian who can take just about any live moment and spin it into great material while immediately adding a character to any situation meaning no two sets by Romane are exactly the same. He has been described as a mix of your favorite Uncle with just a pinch of Jack Black. He has established himself as one of the funniest new comedians on the comedy scene and his energetic, self-deprecating comedic style is a hit with audiences across the country.

Paco has also performed at many comedy festivals, including: The San Francisco Sketch Comedy Festival (2004, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013) The Bay Area Comedy Festival (2007), San Francisco Comedy Day (2011, 2012, 2013), The Gulf Coast Comedy Festival (2006), The SF Comedy and Burrito Fest (2012), The SF Fringe Festival (2005, 2006) and many more.

He has a huge, loyal following in the Bay Area and in The Midwest where he hails from. As a stand up, Paco has worked with Robin Williams, Dana Carvey, Will Durst, Matt Braugner, Nate Bargatze, Jake Johanssen, Greg Proops, Joe Rogan, Rick Overton, Eric Andre, Brendan Walsh, The Kids In the Hall, Kevin Meeny, A. Whitney Brown, Joe Klocek, Ali Wong, Will Franken, Marga Gomez, and many others.

He has also opened for many musicians including: Michelle Shocked, Don Was, Sean Hayes and Tartufi and is the permanent host of The Rock Make Street Festival in SF. Paco is currently signed with the top San Francisco talent agency, JE Talent.

Yes this is a picture of me and Mr. T. And yes it does appear that I am in black face. I am not really. This make-up was from a "car accident" I was in for the commercial. I shot a few Hitachi commercials with Mr T and this picture was taken during a shooting break. He was really cool and during the week of shooting we would sign "Ebony and Ivory" together. Here is a ridiculous video of Mr T thowing me thru a window and a video of Mr T doing a "Happy Birthday" video for me.