Ep 48 DEATH OF SUPERMAN LIVES with comedian Bert DiVietri

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Sup Doc: A Documentary Film Podcast

Ep 48 DEATH OF SUPERMAN LIVES, WHAT HAPPENED? with comedian Bert DiVietri

Death Of Superman Lives What Happened with comedian Bert DiVietri

Paco and George sit down with comedian Bert DiVietri to talk about his favorite documentary The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened? Director John Schnepp’s 2015 film looks at the infamous Tim Burton reboot of Superman starring Nicholas Cage, which never got made. We talk to Bert about DC vs. Marvel, fantasy casting, Kevin Smith, Jon Peters’s headlocks, fandom, and more. You can find the film at http://www.tdoslwh.com and it’s also available on Showtime.

Bert DiVietri is a Los Angeles comedian from Lansing Michigan. Growing up undiagnosed with ADHD Bert loves to talk about dealing with his disability as an adult. Not a lot of people are open and willing to joke about their life long disabilities but Bert makes sure to deprecate. Bert was a regular at the world famous Purple Onion, a member of the Young Guns of Comedy, and the co-founder of the comedy hip-hop group Death Ray Astray who recently released two music videos for their most requested songs. Bert DiVietri has been featured in military fundraisers, nerd comedy venues, and hip hop comedy shows all across the USA. If Bert is performing in your club, it’s a surefire sign that you are probably real awesome.

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