No, Comedians Aren’t Excited That Donald Trump is Running For President

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No, Comedians Aren’t Excited That Donald Trump is Running For President


I was asked my opinion on where or not writing jokes for Trump was easy or not.

This is what I had to say: Stand-up and actor Paco Romane believes mocking bullies like Trump is important even if it gives Trump attention. “If the aim of comedy is to punch up there is no more ‘up’ than Donald Trump,” he says. “He is a high status heel that embodies an ‘I don’t care’ attitude while also displaying an incredibly thin skinned insecurity. It’s akin to making fun of the playground bully that you know sits alone in his mansion while mommy and daddy fly off to amazing places. There is a whiff of sadness that emanates from Donald but all of that is soon forgotten the moment his buffoonery rears its ugly head. You hope to write something new, funny and insightful but you might not care if you’re the one millionth person to make fun of his orange hued, cocaine sniffling, racist head because you realize he’s no longer amusing or bumbling but calculating and authentic in his offensiveness.”

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