Rubbin' The Right Way - A Documentary
This documentary follows Sal and Mitzi during their hit book tour from their book, "Rubbin' The Right Way"

Rubbin The Right Way - A Musical History Tour
Sal and Mitzi Leiberman perform live! From their book reading

The Cleveland Steamers
This is the pilot episode. Sal and Mitzi's famous sitcom

From: "Rubbin The Right Way"
by Oscar Eloe McGruff

Sal Lieberman is a familiar face, to fans of everything good, thanks to his work in some of the most beloved shows known to man. He is known throughout the country as a comedian, master impressionist, musician and actor. He has appeared on countless television shows, has made hit records and had a sit-com pilot in the '70's called "The Cleveland Steamers". He also wrote a very important one man show called "Don't Blame Me I'm Not From Here". The show was about nothing, and yet it centered around a bar with a has-been baseball star, and a group of friends living in a hip apartment in New York City. Sal and his wife of many, many, many months, perform year-round and have performed on the Carlton Walters Show, Who's Who any Who?, and in many comedy festivals. Their hit off Broadway show "Rubbin' The Right Way", also the name of their international smash Semi-Autobiographical book, documentary, and subsequent book tour earned them "Best Comedy Duo" by the Akron Picayune and won them praise from fans far and wide.
Sal, recorded a hit song "Destiny Ends With Tiny" in 1961. In 1986, Sal Leiberman took a swing at a cop and was arrested and sentenced to community service. The judge thought it would be a "good" idea if he hosted a kids show. Sal, named the show, "Shut Yer Trap" because he loves kids sooooo much.

The Theme Song To Shut Yer Trap.
Sal Lieberman still hosts the popular "Kiss My Schnnitzel" at The Blue Room Casino in Pikesville Ohio. He has had a life affair with "the tracks" and sometimes considers upstate New York his home. He has been married to Mitzi for over 40 years but now considers the act immoral.

From: "Rubbin The Right Way"
by Oscar Eloe McGruff

Mitzi Hyman Hyhpen Klein Leiberman is a performer.
She was born in "Nineteen Hundred-And-It's None of Your Fucking Business". She was raised by working class parents in "The Stinky Peach" now known as New York City. It was her experience in a Catskills summer camp that changed her life and brought her center stage.
Mitzi attended the "Isaac J. Berlin's Summer Extravaganza for Moderately Talented Jewish Young People" on a "Hangers-on" Scholarship. At camp, Mitzi exposed herself to other performers and learned essential life skills such as: plate spinning, improvisational jazz dance, Yiddish Butter Churning, and Hog Hollaring. In her final summer at IJBSEMTJYP, Mitzi encountered a young man, name of Samuel Davis Jr. Young. Mitzi was enchanted by the four foot performer and begged to become his understudy in "Hey, There's a Fiddler in My Coop". Mr.Davis Jr. imparted much of his sage-ish wisdom and gladly shared his top bunk for several magical hours. Mitzi takes credit for being the first person to call him "Sammy Boy Jingles".
While performing in the musical version of "No Exit" she broke her coccyx during an unscheduled costume change. While in recovery, Mitzi began working as a dancer and cocktail waitress at her Uncle Schmendrick's restaurant "The Clam Digger" in Akron Ohio. One "semi-tragic" night, she heard a young comedian/balloon-artist heckle* her from across the room; It took her breath away. That man was of course, Salvadore Arnold Leiberman. Sal and Mitzi are together to this very day, and if you want to know the gory details of their decades long marriage, then you'll just have to buy the book "Rubbin' The Right Way" it's 80% off you cheap bastards! Mitzi also had a hit sit-com on Canadian TV called "Samauri Mama".
The Theme Song To Samauri Mama. {Song by Mitzi}
Currently, Mitzi can be found pouring over scripts at her production company "Dazzling Performances and Pantsuits". She's in the midst of working on a series of moving pictures that target senior citizens with over active glands. The shows are entitled, "Hard Candy" and their success has opened up a whole new market of what she calls "Very Adult Films". Sal is set to star and brings his substantial talent and Terretts-like heckling to each role. In one "touching" episode, Mitzi makes an unscheduled appearance as a stripper named "Butterscotch." Her next project tackles bulimia wherein she plays both mother and daughter in a hilarious romp about suburban crime called, "Mommy, Where's Your Smile?".

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