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Sup Doc LIVE presented by SF Sketchfest 2017!

Sup Doc Podcast LIVE Recording! Presented by SF Sketchfest, the San Francisco Comedy Festival! Sup Doc RETURNS to SF Sketchfest! Join hosts Paco Romane and George Chen for a special FREE event with panelist Cory Sklar (Illogical Contraption), Emily Van Dyke, and Frankie G (Killing My Lobster, Narcissists Anonymous) and Melissa McQueen (The World Famous Comedy Store, Hollywood Improv Comedy …

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Ep 48 DEATH OF SUPERMAN LIVES with comedian Bert DiVietri

Sup Doc: A Documentary Film Podcast Ep 48 DEATH OF SUPERMAN LIVES, WHAT HAPPENED? with comedian Bert DiVietri Paco and George sit down with comedian Bert DiVietri to talk about his favorite documentary The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened? Director John Schnepp’s 2015 film looks at the infamous Tim Burton reboot of Superman starring Nicholas Cage, which never got …

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Ep 46 HOME MOVIE with comedian Amy Miller

Sup Doc: Comedian Amy Miller

Sup Doc: A Documentary Film Podcast Ep 46 HOME MOVIE with comedian Amy Miler Sup Doc Ep46: Hosts George Chen and Paco Romane sit down with comedian Amy Miller (Last Comic Standing, Kill Rock Stars) to discuss the 2001 doc Home Movie a witty look at five unusual homes that have been designed to match the ideas and eccentricities of …

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Ep 45 WEINER with comedian/writer Megan Koester

Megan Koester on Sup Doc Weiner

Sup Doc: A Documentary Film Podcast Sup Doc Ep 45 WEINER with comedian and VICE writer Megan Koester On episode 45 of Sup Doc Paco and George talk with VICE writer and comedian Megan Koester about the 2016 documentary Weiner. This documentary centers around ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner as he navigates the fallout (his wife, Huma Abedin, recently separated from him) …

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Ep 44 YOU DON’T KNOW BO JACKSON with comedian Billy Wayne Davis

Billy Wane Davis on Sup Doc

Sup Doc: A Documentary Film Podcast Sup Doc Ep 44: You Don’t Know Bo: The Legend of Bo Jackson with comedian Billy Wayne Davis On Ep 44 Paco and George sit down with comedian Billy Wayne Davis. You may have seen Billy Wayne on Last Comic Standing or heard him on Marc Maron’s podcast WTF. We talk to BW’s about his …

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Ep 43 HELL HOUSE with MTV writer Molly Lambert

Writer Molly Lambert on Sup Doc

Sup Doc: A Documentary Film Podcast Sup Doc Ep 43: Hell House with MTV writer Molly Lambert Paco and George talk with MTV writer/podcaster Molly Lambert. They get into ghosts, The Black Dahlia, music, Christianity, and dig deep into the doc Hell House! Hell House is a 2001 documentary that was directed by George Ratliff that focuses on the idea of a …

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Ep 41 BUSTER KEATON RIDES AGAIN with comedian Nick Flanagan

Sup Doc: A Documentary Film Podcast On Episode 41 Paco Romane and George Chen talk with comedian and actor Nick Flanagan about Buster Keaton Rides Again the 1965 documentary that chronicles the filming of one of Buster Keaton’s last short comedies, “The Railrodder,” which features him in a rambling journey across Canada. Included are brief biographic sketches and anecdotes, still …

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Ep 34 JODOROWSKY’S DUNE with comedian Michael D’Bey

Jodorowsky’s Dune is a 2013 American-French documentary film directed by Frank Pavich. The film explores cult film director Alejandro Jodorowsky‘s unsuccessful attempt to adapt and film Frank Herbert‘s 1965 science fiction novel Dune in the mid-1970s. Part thoughtful tribute, part bittersweet reminder of a missed opportunity,Jodorowsky’s Dune offers a fascinating look at a lost sci-fi legend. “Jodorowsky’s Dune” is an account of …

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Ep 33 HOW TO DRAW A BUNNY with comedy producer Jeff Zamaria

Paco and George dig into the enigmatic artist Ray Johnson’s life and death with our guest, San Francisco comedy promoter/booker Jeff Zamaria. This 2002 documentary directed by John Walter and Andrew L. Moore tries to unwrap the mystery of this central figure in the Fluxus and mail art movement who was known for legendary performances like dropping hot dogs from …

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Ep 32 DEEP WATER with music journalist Ned Raggett

Sup Doc – A Documentary Podcast Great Docs. Interesting People. Strong Opinions. *Sup Doc is now on Patreon! You can support the show HERE! Comedians Paco Romane and George Chen chat with interesting people with strong opinions about their favorite documentaries. You’ll learn a lot about a doc and even more about our guests. This isn’t your run of the mill comedy-interview-documentary …

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