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Paco Romane Electronic Press Kit

Here is my Electronic Press Kit. I update my EPK all the time so please check back for the latest one.

I read that you should include a quote from a leading figure in your field and no one is more leading as Will Durst, America’s premier political satirist, an amazing comedian and human being.

Dear Sirs and or Madams,

Paco Romane is one of the finest and funniest comedians working on the West Coast today. His quick wit and mastery of the language are but a small part of what has made his comedy show the Romane Event a must- see Bay Area comic tradition for the last 9 years. While other comics are adept at adopting the pose of an Everyman, something burning inside of Paco lets the audience know they are listening to stuff they always thought, just never knew how to verbalize. Hip but not pretentious, Paco Romane is a normal guy you feel inclined to root for. On the page or on the stage. And so say all of us.


Will Durst

Paco Romane Electronic Press Kit
Paco Romane Electronic Press Kit