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“Paco is a genius when it comes to developing a characters physical side” – The Haight-Ashbury Beat

Handle Yo Balls!

I have been an actor, writer, director, producer and musician for many sketch comedy shows.

As a long standing company member of the award-winning sketch comedy group Killing My Lobster. KML is San Francisco’s premier sketch comedy group and my in my years with KML I wore just about every hat you can in a theater company. I was the Managing Director and also wrote, performed, directed, produced, and a musician in many KML shows.

In 2010, I was the originatorhead-writer and director of Killing My Lobster’s “Preaches To The Choir” show. This show was a big hit! Each night was SOLD OUT and we received many great reviews.

Preaches To The Choir: Goldstar Reviews

  • “I’ve been following KML for several years now, & I have to say that this is one of their best shows. Each skit was witty, clever, & outrageously silly from the beginning to the very end. The house band was also fun. These comic actors are truly good enough for prime time, imo.”
  • “The funniest funniest funniest funniest show I’ve been to in a loooooooonnnnnnnnngggggg time. These actors are incredibly talented. The music was a wonderful added attraction. I’d love to be able to see it again.”

I also direct and act in Killing My Lobster’s yearly performance in SF Sketchfest . Each year I directed, produced and acted in our “Best In Show” show for SF Sketchfest and every year our performance is sold out and receives great reviews!

Sketchfest Review: Killing My Lobster “BEST IN SHOW” SHOW: Spinning Platters Review

  • “Killing My Lobster’s “Best in Show” Show had an intrinsic level of humor, familiar yet unique, and ornate in supreme craftsmanship.”
  • “In the fast-paced, cutthroat, Wild West of Bay Area sketch, few are in league with enterprising comedy tycoon, Killing My Lobster.” “Killing My Lobster succeeded in ways that less efficient, less proactive groups may not. They often went a long way for a penis or pedophile joke but pulsing writing and performances made the journey well worth it.”
  • “The crescendo was magic, no exaggeration.”

Sketchfest Review: Killing My Lobster “BEST IN SHOW” SHOW: RHUM Review

  • “They’re an incredibly tight act, with a razor-sharp and perfectly timed show featuring a terrific live band.”
  • “Killing My Lobster are what Saturday Night Live wishes it still was – genuinely clever, tight, fast-paced and fun.”

I was also a writer and actor with Richter Scale, San Francisco’s premier social-political sketch comedy group.

I also teach sketch comedy and improv comedy! I have taught Levels 1-3 of Sketch Comedy at The SF Comedy College and at Killing My Lobster.

I have been performed in many sketch comedy festivals including: SF Sketchfest, SF Theater Festival, Sketchy At Best, Gulf Coast Comedy Festival, The Bay Area Comedy Festival, The SF Improv Festival, and The I Laughed So Hard I Pee’d Myself Comedy Festival to name a few.

I have also performed to sold out shows with Brett Duggan in “Duggan and Romane” and with Mariah Howard in “Rubbin It The Right Way – The Story of Sal and Mitzi”.