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I started making sketch comedy videos in 1997 when I moved to San Francisco. I met a few guys that were also interested in making comedy videos and we made our first one called The Bag in June of 1997. We decided to call our production group FreeDirt Media based on one of my old stage names and started making comedy videos. FreeDirt was one of only a handful of people making comedy video content online in 1997. Because of this we stood out and soon we were getting emails from people that wanted to work with us and even from some big names in the entertainment industry that wanted to represent us like Brillstein-Grey Entertainment. I got an email from them wondering if I was interested in representation but stupidly I said no because I considered us a “guerilla comedy group”.

FreeDirt was one of the very first groups on that eventually became We were a little a head of our time having our videos online in the late ’90’s. FreeDirt made a bunch of short comedy videos, a web series, and many other projects some of which have been featured on Funny or Die, Huffington Post, and more.