Painfully White

Painfully White: Paco Romane’s Solo Show

Painfully White is Paco’s first solo show about growing up in the 1970’s and 80’s in a small, racist town with a white mom and a black step-father whose last name was White.

Paco’s lived with his biological father and step-mother (and two step-sisters and then eventually three adopted kids) during the week and then stayed with his mom and step-father on weekends. Going back and forth between white culture and black culture and trying to seamlessly exist in both worlds. As the youngest of ten children (Kevin, Fuzzy, Lynette, Sheila, Sabrina, Sue, Steve, David, Jeni, Nikki) he also had to create his own spotlight and work hard to be noticed.

Painfully White also looks at how did the White/Black cultures clash and blend as he tried to discover himself? From Slapshot to Dolemite to AC/DC to Cannonball Addrerley which culture, which family should he belong to?

He tries to figure it out in Painfully White.

This was performed on May 5th at the Exit Theater in SF in the “Yes To Everything” solo show festival.