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I wrote this song when I first moved to San Francisco in the late 1990s. I had gone through a bad breakup and was really confused by what had happened and how much she meant to me. When she finally took off for the last time she left me a note that said “you need help, you need logic” and that really stuck with me. I realized that she had been gaslighting me the whole time and I wrote this song about being dumped, pissed off and confused. When the pandemic hit in 2020 I made a deal with myself that I would record some of these old songs I wrote  — for fun.

  1. Dear Logic

Lyrics and music by Paco Romane
Paco Romane: vocals, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric piano
Jimmy Macaroni: harmony vocals and guitars
Mike Roche: guitars
AA Miller: drums
Engineer: Jimmy Macaroni
Mixing & Mastering: Mike Roche at Broadside Recordings, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Happy days with the boys of BCF. I was in this band from 2003 to 2005. We were a trippy power trio that used interesting pop, rock, and orchestral, arrangements to ride along with Michael Musika’s incredible songwriting and lyrics.

1. Juliet
2. National Zoo
3. The One That Sings This Song Is Me
4. Pop! (Original Score Killing My Lobster POP! Show)
Mi Esposa
6. Dictionary

Michael Musika: Guitar / Vocals
David Mark Siegel: Guitar / Vocals:
Paco Romane: Bass / Piano / Vocals
Brian Gorman: Drums / Vocals

The Large Hungarians were my college band and I really loved playing with them. We were a 7 piece ska-funk-folk-pop orchestra and generally played for either beer or a couple of bucks but rarely both. We played all over Michigan and Chicago. We once played in a bar in Detroit and had to compete with 2 TVs playing ’70s porn. We also got to open for Maceo Parker in Chicago where the marquee has mistakenly displayed our name as The Large Hung Aryans. We also opened up for Mustard Plug, Mazzy Star, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, and many others. My favorite place we played was Morseland in Chicago. Every week we played at Harvey’s in Kalamazoo where they had an outdoor patio and $1 pitchers of delicious Bell’s beer. We had that cool 2 trombone sound to spin your head around sound.

1. Dusty Road
2. Small Successes

Jim McMillian: Guitar / Lead Vocals
Megan Coates: Keyboard / Vocals:
Dave Marlott: Trombone / Vocals
Jeff Sarnaki: Trombone / Vocals
Mike Buhagiar: Guitar / Vocals
Paco Romane: Bass / Keyboards / Vocals
 Aaron Miller: Drums / Vocals


shivers_liveharveysTHE SHIVERS
This was our first LIVE CD called “Bad Business”. This was recorded LIVE at Harvey’s in Kalamazoo Michigan. The Shivers were another power trio I played in and this band could be fierce. The Shivers emerged from the dust of the group I founded called Flan. Flan was a power trio that I had with Scott “Skunky” Robbins (AKA Kip Wheeler), Rob Stimpson on drums (AKA Butch Cummins) and me on bass (AKA Oscar Worthington). Flan was well known for playing experimental surf/punk/rock songs and had a following of loyal fans of music and Mexican desserts. After Butch left the band to pursue another career, The Shivers hired the extraordinary drummer Aaron Miller. WE soon had that surf/pop/punk sound we were after. Kalamazoo Michigan, in the mid-1990’s, was a hot spot for experimental bands.

1. Way Back In 1992
2. Bumble Bee Plantation
3. Third Stone From The Sun
4. Walk Dont Run


Scott “Skunky” Robbins: Guitar / Vocals
Paco Romane: Bass / Vocals
Aaron Miller: Drums



Our 2nd CD was “Man Sitting On A Spikey Wheel” recorded LIVE at The Farm in Kalamazoo Michigan. This was for Hippie Peter’s birthday party. There were a lot of guns, beer, dogs, and openly displayed biker chick boobs. My dog got bit by a 3-legged dog named Terminator. It kind of sums up the whole show.

1. The Shivers Intros
2. Tokyo Railway
3. Looking To The Stars
4. Bad Business


Scott “Skunky” Robbins: Guitar / Vocals
Paco Romane: Bass / Vocals
Aaron Miller: Drums