Sup Doc Podcast Is “Popular” – CBS KPIX

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KPIX CBS throwing Sup Doc some love! Sup Doc is back in SF Sketchfest for our third time and we couldn’t be happier! This time around we decided to try something different and unique. We have designed a highly competitive (not really), informative (probably not) and fun (definitely) quiz show centered around documentaries! We invited some of our favorite and …

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“Paco Romane performs in top form” – SF Chronicle

On Comedy Day, Robin Williams lives on in meadow that now bears his name Marga Gomez performs during Comedy Day at Robin Williams Meadow in Golden Gate Park.Photo: James Tensuan, Special to The Chronicle In the 1980s, San Francisco was one of the few cities in the country where you could make a living as a comedian. That’s all changed. …

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Sup Doc Podcast Featured on A.V. Club!

PODMASS A NASA scientist weighs in on the warmth of tauntaun corpses thanks to the new podcast Bad Science  Marnie Shure, Mike Vanderbilt, Allison Shoemaker, Jose Nateras, Zach Brooke, Becca James, and Brianna Wellen Yesterday 12:00pm Filed to: PODCASTS 281 Screenshot: The Empire Strikes Back In Podmass, The A.V. Club sifts through the ever-expanding world of podcasts and recommends the previous week’s best episodes. Have your own favorite? Let us know …

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Sup Doc Featured on Splitsider!

The cool comedy news website Splitsider featured us in their comedy podcast roundup with a sweet write up about Ep 73 Some Kind Of Monster with comedian Dana Gould! The comedy podcast universe is ever expanding, not unlike the universe universe. We’re here to make it a bit smaller, a bit more manageable. There are a lot of great shows and …

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Sup Doc Named Top 10 Documentary Podcast!

Sup Doc Named Top 10 Documentary Podcast

If you love documentaries you cannot miss these Podcasts For documentary lovers and filmmakers there is a rich list of Podcasts with different profiles and spoken in hundreds of languages. Guidedoc has selected for you 10 Podcast, some are specialized in the genre and others are sound documentaries themselves, but each of them can help you sharpen your documentary ear. …

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SF Chronicle – Great Press For SF Comedy Roast Rumble!

Roast BattleSF in the SF Chonicle

From the front page of the SF Chronicle Datebook section March 11th 2016 It takes a very specific skill set to effectively and hilariously insult another human being. And that’s what local comedians showcased — or tried to — during the one-night-only Comedy Roast BattleSF on Thursday night, March 10, a joke-to-joke showdown that pitted comedians against each other to …

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INTERVIEW KGO Radio Pat Thurston with Comedian Paco Romane

Pat Thurston KGO Radio interview with Paco Romane

I was on KGO Radio for a full hour and was interviewed by KGO radio host Pat Thurston. We talk about Michigan, my comedy album Shaped Like A Thumb, Tom Waits and a whole slew of other topics. Pat brought up that comedians need to be paid more and I couldn’t agree more! Really fun interview! Listen Up!

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Paco Romane Shaped Like A Thumb CD

REVIEW + INTERVIEW: PACO ROMANE’S “SHAPED LIKE A THUMB” Paco seems distracted. This was to be his fond farewell from San Francisco, but his ex had other plans (with her Salsa instructor). To mitigate the fear of the unknown, we naturally steel ourselves in acceptance. Whatever change gon’ come, it’s as real as it feels committed to, tangible in expectation. …

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READ THIS: SF Comedian Records Debut Comedy Record

For almost a decade comedian Paco Romane has established a spot for himself in the City’s home-grown comedy club circuit. Always eager to work if he was not able to find a gig, he created one; like his show “The Romane Event.” This March 11, he will be reaching a milestone that some say is long overdue. Paco Romane will …

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