For Bay Area comics, SF Sketchfest an oasis in a changing city, comedy world

Annette Mullaney will never forget her first time “killing it” doing standup comedy in front of a crowd in 2016. “I felt I was both in the moment, and also my brain was thinking ahead,” the San Francisco comic recalls, “and it was the greatest high of my life. I’ve been chasing it ever since.” That rush from making an …

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SF Sketchfest is the best comedy festival in the country

My interview with SF Gate on my feelings about the long and amazing history of SF Sketchfest. This year (2020) marks SF Sketchfest’s 19th year and my 13th year performing in it. How 3 twenty-somethings built San Francisco’s Sketchfest, a festival unlike any other The timing was exactly right. In 2002, sketch comedy was having a moment in San Francisco. …

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Deep Night Season 11: Paco Romane

Deep Night Season 11: Paco Romane Paco Romane Interview Dale lights up whenever he sees comedian Paco Romane. Dale and Paco go back to their time in San Francisco at the dawn of the last millennium. Paco was a jazz musician longing to do comedy and Dale was a comedian ready to pursue the jazz of life. The two friends …

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No, Comedians Aren’t Excited That Donald Trump is Running For President

No, Comedians Aren’t Excited That Donald Trump is Running For President I was asked my opinion on where or not writing jokes for Trump was easy or not. This is what I had to say: Stand-up and actor Paco Romane believes mocking bullies like Trump is important even if it gives Trump attention. “If the aim of comedy is to …

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Spinning Platters Interview with Paco Romane

The Spinning Platters Interview Paco Romane is one of the greatest Bay Area comedians. In addition to doing stand-up all around the Bay all the time, he hosts the Sup Doc Podcast with George Chen. He’s also performing at the Outside Lands Music Festival this weekend, where he has curated a set of his favorite comics to open the Barbary tent, …

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Paco Romane RETURNS to the Todd Glass Show Episode 257!

Paco Romane On The Todd Glass Show

I am BACK on The Todd Glass Show! I did the show a few weeks ago for the first time and you can hear that episode (Ep #251) here. This really is my favorite show! I love to improvise and be off-the-cuff and sing and do bits and bad impressions. If you haven’t listened to this podcast it’s part show, part …

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Todd Glass Podcast #251 with Paco Romane

Paco Romane on The Todd Glass Podcast

I was a guest on my favorite podcast! The Todd Glass Podcast and couldn’t have enjoyed it any more. So much fun. Todd is a great comedian and very very nice. Rare combination in comedy. He brings on his funny friends and they talk about whatever they want. And, of course, there are bits! Lots of bits!! Listen Here! My …

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Interviewed on Comics Life Radio KCAA FM

I did an interview on the hilarious and awesome radio show A Comic’s Life Radio. I was on April 8th with comedians Guam Felix and Nika Williams. “Nika Williams, Paco Romane, and Guam Felix we’re hilarious. Thank you everyone! Listen in to A COMIC’S LIFE RADIO every Friday from 6-8pm PST on KCAA 1050AM/106.5FM serving the Inland Empire. We’re also …

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SF Chronicle – Great Press For SF Comedy Roast Rumble!

Roast BattleSF in the SF Chonicle

From the front page of the SF Chronicle Datebook section March 11th 2016 It takes a very specific skill set to effectively and hilariously insult another human being. And that’s what local comedians showcased — or tried to — during the one-night-only Comedy Roast BattleSF on Thursday night, March 10, a joke-to-joke showdown that pitted comedians against each other to …

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INTERVIEW KGO Radio Pat Thurston with Comedian Paco Romane

Pat Thurston KGO Radio interview with Paco Romane

I was on KGO Radio for a full hour and was interviewed by KGO radio host Pat Thurston. We talk about Michigan, my comedy album Shaped Like A Thumb, Tom Waits and a whole slew of other topics. Pat brought up that comedians need to be paid more and I couldn’t agree more! Really fun interview! Listen Up!

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