Voted BEST COMEDIAN SF Bay Guardian

I was lucky enough to be voted Best Comedian by The San Francisco Bay Guardian in 2005. Up until then only Robin Williams had been voted Best Comedian and for that I was obviously incredibly humbled. I also truly believed that I didn’t deserve such praise. At that point in my career I hadn’t even done stand-up. I hosted The Killing My Lobster Kabaret, which would eventually lead to The Romane Event Comedy Show, and a handful of comedy plays. On stage for the Kabaret I would host as different characters and I made comedy videos as well.

After I won the award people started coming to the shows to see me do stand-up. I decided that I had to start doing stand-up to not disappoint folks and I quickly proved that I was not Best at doing stand-up. It takes YEARS to be good at stand-up and I am still improving.

Best Comedian: SF Bay Guardian
Best Comedian: SF Bay Guardian

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