One-On-One Consultation With Paco Romane

One-On-One Consultation with Paco Romane.

Serious about starting a career in Voice Over?

Are you looking to switch careers? Always dreamt about doing Voice Over? Have voice-over experience but need to sharpen your skills? Great! I am offering one-on-one training for Voice Over along with Comedy Acting (Sketch, Commercial, Theatrical) and Comedy Writing (Sketch, Stand Up, Solo Shows, Sitcoms), Producing, Directing, Marketing, Finding An Agent, Cold Reads and On-Camera auditioning.

We can meet whenever wherever: via Skype, Google+, in person, phone or whatever works for your schedule!

Paco Romane Voice Over Instructor

Loads of people hit me up about how to get into Voice Over. Below I’ve laid out some steps in how you can get started in a career in Voice Over!
Take acting classes.
Take a VO class.
Take an Improv class.
Buy a good condenser mic. Typically $100+
Have a good computer to work on.
Have good recording software (Garageband, Audacity (FREE!), Adobe Audition)
Find a room, closet, box that you can make a VO room out of. Closets work great because they are usually small and filled with stuff to absorb sound.
Search online for actual TV and Radio scripts. Look for 60, 30, 15 sec spots.
Read out-loud every time you have the chance. It really does help.
Listen to commercials carefully. Hear what the actors are doing.
Buy a VO book. I have “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” by Elaine Clark.
Learn how to breakdown a VO script.  What is the product, what does it do and how does it do it differently.
Search on Craigslist for any VO gigs paying or otherwise. There are a few “Search All Craigslist” websites. Use these since you don’t have to be in the same town with a client to record VO.
Create an email Template to send to various possible clients that lays out your abilities, payment, turn around, other clients you might have worked for etc.

Talent Agent:
Don’t contact an Agent until you have a VO Reel. Now, the reel doesn’t need to be “real” commercials. You can go over 5 to 6 scripts that you found online, record them and you or a friend put music beds underneath to make them sound like an actual commercial. There is a lot of FREE and License Free Music online to use.
For your reel you’ll want to have a few different kinds of demonstrations of your abilities
If you’ve gotten this far how exciting for you! I do offer one-on-one sessions to learn how to do VO. We’ll go over actual TV and Radio scripts, learn how to break them down, pathways to agencies, mic control, voice control, characters and much more! I offer VERY REASONABLE RATES! We can meet in person or virtually!


The cost of an 1 hour session is $75. You can pay via PayPal, Venmo, or the old fashion cash.  Send me an EMAIL with the following info: 

  • What Day Is Good For You?
    What Time Is Good For You?
    What Would You Like To Talk About?
    How Would You Like To Meet (ie In Person, Skype, Email)

Kristen Beck (San Francisco Casting Director) “Paco Romane is friggin awesome, if you guys are just thinking about take it, I say just take it for goodness sakes. He works all the time….and also, he is super funny, professional, smart and in high demand!”

Bert D (Actor/Comedian) “My auditions and callbacks doubled with this course about approaching acting and how to audition. Seriously worth the money if you are serious about acting.”

Ash F (Actor/Comedian) “This is super helpful! Do it!”

Below are just an example of Paco’s On-Camera and Voice Over work:

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