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Sup Doc – A Documentary Podcast Great Docs. Interesting People. Strong Opinions.


Comedians Paco Romane and George Chen chat with interesting people with strong opinions about their favorite documentaries. You’ll learn a lot about a doc and even more about our guests. This isn’t your run of the mill comedy-interview-documentary podcast!


“…These guys are super funny and I really like listening to their stories and conversations. Check it out!…” – iTunes review
“…Kudos to Paco and George for this brilliant idea…” – iTunes review
“…a must listen if you enjoy documentaries…” – iTunes review
“…Comics and docs, great combo…” – iTunes review
“…amazingly in-depth and hilarious…” – iTunes review
“…comedic, well-versed conversations about documentaries…” – iTunes review
“…even when I haven’t seen the films this podcast is entertaining…” – iTunes review
“…I recently got turned on to Sup Doc’s funny, lively conversations about documentaries. Highly recommended…” A Nice Tweet
“…Quality premise and production out of the gate…” Award-winning comedy blog CourtingComedy

The idea behind this documentary podcast started when Paco sat down to watch all of the PBS 100 best documentaries.  He particularly loves the slice-a-life-weird-americana types of docs: Brothers Keeper, MarJoe, Kid Stays In The Picture, Hoop Dreams, Grizzly Man etc. Every morning he’d watch one or two of these documentaries and afterwards he wanted to hear people and filmmakers discuss them. But after searching for a podcast devoted to discussing documentaries and interviewing people that love and make them he came up empty.  So he contacted his buddy George Chen a fellow documentary lover and together they started Sup Doc

Guests & Docs:
Ep1: Matt Lieb (The Jinx: Life and Deaths of Robert Durst) – comedian/writer
Ep2: Drew Harmon (The Iron Shiek) – comedian/podcaster
Ep3: Beth Lisick (The Imposter) – actress/writer
Ep4: Jodi Willie (The Source Family) – filmmaker
Ep5: Adam Pfahler (Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck) – drummer of Jawbreaker
Ep6: Josh Fadem (The Up Series) – actor/comedian
Ep7: Ivan Hernandez (Comedian with Jerry Seinfeld) – writer/comedian
Ep8: Jon Schabl (Of Muppets and Men) – comedian
Ep9: Brent Hodge (I am Chris Farley) – filmmaker
Ep10: Queenie Bon Bon (Meet The Fokkens) – sex worker/monologist
Ep11: Dan Deacon (Gimme Shelter) – musician
Ep12: Sara June (I Think We’re Alone Now) – comedian/writer
Ep13: Jesse Thorn (Fast Cheap and Out Of Control) – podcaster, Bullseye host NPR
Ep14: Dave Ross, Anna Seregina (The Wolfpack) – comedians/podcasters
Ep15: Amy Farah Weiss, Kaseem Bentley Adam Pfahler (San Francisco 2.0) – SF mayoral candidate, comedian, small business owner
Ep16: Jamie DeWolf (Going Clear: Scientology) – actor/comedian/grandson of L Ron Hubbard
Ep17: Sam McPheeters (Samsara) – journalist/musician
Ep18: OJ Patterson (Bones Brigade) – comedian/blogger
Ep19: Stephen Lynch (Smashing Machine) – musician/comedian
Ep20: Host Reviews (Finders Keepers, A Poem Is A Naked Person, Terror From Within)
Ep21: Hana Michels (My Depression) – comedian
Ep22: Emily Heller, Chris Thayer, David Gborie (Heavy Metal Parking Lot/Neil Diamond Parking Lot LIVE in SF Sketchfest!) – comedians/writers
Ep23: Red Scott (Making A Murderer) – comedian/podcaster
Ep24: Marjorie Sturm (The Cult of JT Leroy) – director of the film
Ep25: Hutch Harris (The Punk Singer) – musician in the band The Thermals
EP26: Todd Glass (Religulous) –  comedian/actor/podcaster
Ep27: Veronica Belmont (Broken Dreams – Boeing 787) – tv host/podcaster/start up advisor


Host Paco Romane

Paco Romane has appeared on many television shows, films, commercials, plays and podcasts. He is a critically acclaimed award-winning comedian in addition to being an actor, voice actor, director, writer, musician, and producer. He was twice voted “Best Comedian” and has written for CNET, various ad agencies and comedy roasts. His nationally recognized comedy show The Romane Event is a staple in the SF comedy scene running for the past 10 years. His comedy has been featured on: Huffington Post, NBC, NPR, Funny or Die, Youtube, Cracked, NY Times, KQED and countless others. Would enjoy spending quiet time with his horses in upstate New York.
twitter: @pacoromane


Host George Chen

George Chen has performed/hosted at SF Sketchfest, The Business, Put Your Hands Together Podcast, Marin Headlands Center for the Arts, Contemporary Jewish Museum, The Porchlight Storytelling Series, and SFMoMA. As an actor he had a small part as an INS agent in the short sci-fi film Mindglow and appeared in an episode of HBO’s Looking. He also has an interview podcast at
twitter: @georgechen


  1. Hello,

    Thank you for the interview with Jamie DeWolf.

    Here is a quick and dirty transcript of it:

    A gift in return.


  2. MyStashisBiggerthanYours

    Listened to your Steve Avery episode which was entertaining. I think that the nephew is completely innocent and used by law enforcement because he’s mentally limited. They walked all over Brandon’s mother too. I am not sure about Steve. If he did it, why not use the car crusher? Except for the cat..(which is symbolic of females). His rage has been directed to people he knows well-not strangers. The whole thing has gone past guilty or not anyway. This case was so mishandled by the police from the beginning that justice cannot be served. How awful for Theresa’s family this must be agony for them. That Special Prosecutor Katz is a creepy pig!

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