Huffington Post: Handle Yo Balls video

From Huffington Post

When was the last time you really checked your balls?

No, we’re not talking about morning showers or looking in the mirror — or as the video above suggests, late afternoon masturbation sessions — but with at least 90 per cent of cancers curable in their very first stages, this campaign is giving us a pretty good reason to start.

Aimed at the fellas, this PSA by charity FucK Cancer focuses on testicular cancer in particular, the most common cancer among males between the ages of 15 to 35, according to Canadian Testicular Cancer Association.

FucK Cancer, based in Vancouver, targets Canadians to engage, start dialogues and most importantly, get checked.

Yael Cohen, founder, president and “chief cancer fucker” started the charity in 2009 after her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Upon learning that almost all cancers are curable in stage one, she realized the importance of raising awareness for early detection and check-ups.

As the video suggests, noticing any irregularity in testicle size or shapes and looking for bumps and swelling are all reasons to talk to a health expert.

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