The SF Roast Rumble! Thursday March 10th


Where’s The Beef?

Host Paco Romane at Roast BattleSF photo by Scott Strazzante, The Chronicle
Host Paco Romane at Roast BattleSF photo by Scott Strazzante, The Chronicle

On Thursday, March 10th at Doc’s Lab one of  SF’s newest shows will be debuting in San Francisco! The SF Roast Rumble is a raw, joke-to-joke event that pits comedians versus comedians in a winner-takes-all Battle Royale. It’s intense, unpredictable and very funny.
Featuring San Francisco’s best pun pugilists getting verbally violent to decide who is the champion. Many will roast but only one comedian will be crowned the The Roast Champion!

Referee: Paco Romane

Jesse Hett vs Ben Kolina
Ash Fisher vs Pete O’Keefe
Roman Leo vs Michael Brandon
Clay Newman vs Dro Knows
Drew Harmon vs Joe Gorman
Krista Fatka vs Richard Sarvate

Celebrity Judges:
Kabir Singh – Comedy Central, Family Guy
Butch Escobar – SF Punch Line,The Comedy Store
Kaseem Bentley – SF Weekly’s “Best of The Bay” Award Winner, “Top 5 Comedians To Watch”

DJ – Josef Anolin

Venue Information:
Doc’s Lab
124 Columbus Ave
San Francisco, CA, 94133

*This show is not affiliated with the Roast Battle in LA at The Comedy Store*

Roast Rumble in the SF Chonicle
Roast Rumble in the SF Chonicle

Read all about the Roast Rumble in this article from the San Francisco Chronicle!  I’m still riding high on the turnout and how well of the comedians did. Check out the great photos and read the article! Sold out show and everyone really enjoyed themselves.

Some of my favorite quotes from the article!

“Dro’s facial hair is why Donald Trump thinks Mexicans are rapists,” joked comedian Clay Newman

“A couple in front of me ordered a beautifully plated ahi appetizer, which they ate while listening to vagina insults.”

“a confident DJ in a perfectly disheveled beanie played cricket sounds every time a joke bombed”

“Ash Fisher wisely noted, “All’s fair in love, war and roasts.”

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